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At Pragma Law, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated team of driving offence solicitors. With clients not only in Nottingham but across the UK, we offer exceptional legal advice and representation in court. From speeding tickets to serious offences like drink-driving or causing death by driving, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

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If you have received a letter regarding a driving offence from the police or the courts, why not give us a call or request a free initial telephone consultation?

Driving Offence Solicitors In Nottingham

Lucy Whitaker – Driving Offence Solicitor in Nottingham


  • Have to go to court for a driving offence
  • Have received a Single Justice Procedure
  • Notice and would like advice on plea or mitigation
  • Have been asked to attend an interview at a police station in relation to a driving offence
  • Have received a postal requisition, summons or charge
  • Have been told you have too many points to be given a fixed penalty or will reach 12 or more points
  • Are you a new driver and are facing revocation of your licence

How We Can Assist You

At Pragma Law, our team of motoring offence experts is here to provide unparalleled support in helping individuals like you navigate the court process.

Our highly skilled solicitors have extensive experience dealing with a wide range of offences, including speeding and drink-driving. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value for your money, ensuring you receive top-notch legal representation combined with a personalised and attentive service tailored to your specific needs.

Time is of the essence, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice and guidance. Whether you’re located in Nottingham or anywhere else in the UK, our dedicated motoring solicitors are ready to offer their expertise should you have a court hearing in Nottingham or elsewhere in England or Wales. Trust us to look after your best interests throughout this challenging process.

Expert Legal Advice

If you find yourself facing a driving offence charge, seeking legal guidance at the earliest stage is crucial. Delaying legal advice can severely limit your options and diminish the chances of obtaining the best possible outcome.

We are here to provide you with free general advice over the phone, and for personalized guidance, we offer a dedicated phone conference at a mutually agreed time. During this comprehensive consultation, lasting up to an hour, we will offer expert advice tailored to your specific situation, outlining all available options and recommending necessary actions.

Rest assured, we will also provide written confirmation of our recommendations, along with transparent information regarding any associated fees should you require further assistance. Remember, there is no obligation to engage us for additional services, but we are here to support you every step of the way.

Court Representation

When you find yourself facing a court hearing, our team of expert motoring offence solicitors is here to provide strong and dedicated representation. From hearings to determine possible disqualification, plea hearings, case management hearings, to trials, we handle it all with precision and care. Rest assured, we believe in consistency and try to assign the same skilled solicitor to your case, ensuring you have a trusted partner by your side throughout. 

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Expert Driving Offence Solicitors

We are seasoned professionals who are ready to champion your cause. With our extensive experience, strategic guidance, and deep legal expertise, we will fight tirelessly on your behalf. Whether you’re facing a speeding ticket, a drink driving charge, or a serious accusation like causing death by driving, we have the knowledge to ensure your rights are protected. Trust in our team to navigate the complexities of your motoring offence with confidence and precision.

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