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Driving Offence Experts

Pragma Law is a small specialist team of driving offence solicitors. We advise and represent clients in and around Nottingham and across the UK.

We can help with all driving offences from speeding and drink-driving to causing death by driving.

If you’ve received a letter about a driving offence from the police or the courts, why not give us a no-obligation call?

Driving Offence Solicitors In Nottingham

Lucy Whitaker – Driving Offence Solicitor in Nottingham


  • Have to go to court for a driving offence
  • Have received a Single Justice Procedure
  • Notice and would like advice on plea or mitigation
  • Have been asked to attend an interview at a police station in relation to a driving offence
  • Have received a postal requisition, summons or charge
  • Have been told you have too many points to be given a fixed penalty or will reach 12 or more points
  • Are you a new driver and are facing revocation of your licence

How Can We Help

Our motoring offence experts help people like you avoid driving bans and penalty points whenever possible.

Our solicitors deal with offences such as speeding and drink-driving on a daily basis. We are highly experienced and specialist road traffic lawyers offering a personal service.

The sooner you get in touch, the more help we can give you. Pragma Law is based in Nottingham, but we can advise you wherever you are in the UK.

If you have a court hearing in Nottingham or elsewhere in England or Wales, we can help.

Expert Legal Advice

If you are charged with a driving offence, it is best to get advice at an early stage.

If you don’t get legal advice promptly, it can seriously limit your options and reduce the chance of you getting the best result.

We are happy to give free general advice over the phone, but for bespoke advice, we offer a phone conference at a pre-arranged time.

During this call, which typically lasts up to an hour, we provide you with advice on your options and recommend any actions you should take. We then confirm this advice in writing and tell you about any other fees should you like us to do more work for you.

You are under no obligation to instruct us to carry out further work.

Court Representation

If you have a court hearing, our motoring offence solicitors can represent you in court.

We can help with hearings to consider whether you should be disqualified, plea hearings, case management hearings and trials.

We always aim for you to be represented by the same solicitor to ensure consistency and provide you with reassurance.

Looking For Advice About A Driving Offence?

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How our driving offence solicitors can assist you

You will benefit from our experience and advice on strategy and procedure, as well as our legal knowledge.

We can help you with your driving offence, whether it be speeding, drink driving or a more serious charge such as causing death by driving.

What we do


Check for Police Errors & Defences


Provide You With Honest Advice at All Times


Apply to Have Your Case Dropped if it is Appropriate


Write Single Justice Procedure Notice Mitigation


Give Advice on How to Prepare Your Case


Provide Experienced Court Representation

Pragma Driving Offence Solicitors Fees

The initial call to us is free, without obligation. We will tell you honestly whether we can help you.

Please review our fees page to understand more about our fixed charges.

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