careless-driving-offence-pragma-lawCareless driving charge dropped by police


A recent case saw a driver being wrongly charged with careless driving after being caught speeding on New Years’ Eve.


Our client came to us because they felt they had been inaccurately and unfairly charged with careless driving. He accepted that he had been speeding but denied driving without due care and attention.

Our advice at Pragma Law was to plead not guilty to the careless driving charge. Our team obtained body-worn video evidence from the police to assist in our client’s defence.

Although the police initially refused to withdraw the charge, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) agreed that there was no evidence of careless driving. The careless driving charged was dropped.

The charge was discontinued and we invited the court to impose 3 points and a fine equivalent to a fixed penalty notice for the speeding offence, which provided a much better outcome for the client.


If you have been charged with careless driving and believe it to be inaccurate or require legal support, please contact us today.

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