Drink Driving Ban Reduced to Minimum

Pragma Law worked on a case for a client who was caught drink driving whilst uninsured.

The client was caught drink driving and also found to be uninsured. She was found to have a breath reading of 67 microgrammes, which would ordinarily result in a ban of 17-22 months.

Drink Driving Ban Reduced To A Minimum

The team at Pragma Law explained to the court how she genuinely believed that she was insured. She did not realise she was over the drink-drive legal limit, and there was reason to believe her drink may have been spiked.

Although we could not prove that her drink had been laced with additional alcohol, the court accepted that there was a possibility.

The minimum ban of 12 months was imposed, and the drink-driving ban was reduced to 9 months after she completed the drink-drive rehabilitation course.


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