Driving Without Insurance Case Dropped

A driver who was working making deliveries was stopped by police and told he had no insurance. He could not understand why this would be the case as it was his regular work vehicle. Understandably he had not checked the position with the insurance as he assumed his boss had dealt with it.

Driving Without Insurance Case Dropped

He called his boss who told him that insurance was in place but could not produce any evidence. Ultimately he realised that his boss had missed an email cancelling the insurance.

The driver received a fixed penalty for 6 points and a £300 fine but contacted us before accepting it. We advised him about the employee defence and set about obtaining evidence in support. We then wrote to the police who confirmed they would be taking no further action.

Needless to say, the driver involved was very relieved. As he drives for a living, it was very important for him to keep a clean licence.

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