Driving Whilst Disqualified

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About Driving While Disqualified Offences

Driving whilst disqualified is a very serious road traffic offence for which you can go to prison. If you are convicted, your driving ban will usually be extended or, you will receive penalty points.

Driving whilst disqualified is not the same as driving without a licence. Driving otherwise in accordance with a licence is a much less serious offence and you cannot go to prison.

What do the police need to prove?

The police must prove that:

  • you drove a vehicle on a road;
  • at a time that you were disqualified for holding or obtaining a licence.

They do not need to prove that you had knowledge of your disqualification.

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The fact that you did not know you were committing the offence will not provide you with a defence. Depending on the circumstances, you may have special reasons to avoid disqualification or points.

For more information please see our FAQs on driving while disqualified below.


Maximum Penalties

Driving Penalties: 6 penalty points or an extension of your existing driving ban.

Fine: Unlimited.



Magistrates’ Court only (unless an appeal).

Imprisonable? Yes – up to 6 months’ imprisonment in the Magistrates’ Court.

Driving While Disqualified FAQs

Can I drive abroad if I am disqualified?

Yes, in most countries, but you must check before doing so. You cannot drive in Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man.

If you are disqualified in Great Britain, you cannot drive here. You may be able to drive outside Great Britain unless also prohibited by the laws of the foreign country.

The converse is also true, so if you are disqualified in another country, you are not automatically disqualified in Great Britain. Therefore you would not commit the offence of driving while disqualified if you drive in Great Britain.

You cannot drive in Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man if you’ve been banned from driving on your Great Britain driving licence because there is ‘mutual recognition of disqualification’. Disqualified drivers from Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man are also banned from driving in Great Britain.

For further information on specific countries, please see the government website.

You may commit the offence of driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence. The position will depend on the effect of the disqualification according to the law of the country issuing the driving licence.

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