Drunk in Charge Court Acquittal

Our client was in court for being drunk in charge of a vehicle. He pleaded not guilty on the basis that he had no intention of driving.

Drunk In Charge Acquittal

On the face of it, the evidence against it appeared strong. He was seen getting into the driver’s seat with another occupant and had the keys in the ignition. The police were called and they attended the scene and breathalysed him at the roadside. He failed the breath test and was arrested.

CCTV evidence of the incident was produced by the police and there were multiple witnesses. Despite this, our client was clear that he would not have driven the car.

He was represented at trial by consultant solicitor David Swingler. After hearing all of the evidence the court declared that our client was honest and credible. He was found not guilty of the offence and was both delighted and relieved.

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