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Faulty Speed Sign In Nottinghamshire

Faulty Speed Sign in Nottinghamshire

We were recently approached to provide legal advice in a speeding case where our client was accused of driving at 53 mph in a 30 mph zone. This incident occurred on the B683 in Papplewick, Nottinghamshire. Our client received a Single Justice Notice from...

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Second Exceptional Hardship Argument Avoids Driving Ban

Second Exceptional Hardship Argument Avoids Driving Ban

A driver who had been disqualified for 6 months in the magistrates' court after a second 'totting up' offence instructed us to help with an appeal to the Crown Court. He had already successfully argued exceptional hardship around 18 months ago but had since committed...

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Motorist Who Did Not Intend To Drive Found Not Guilty

Motorist who did not intend to drive found not guilty

A motorist, Mr X, was charged with being drunk in charge of his vehicle. He had no intention of driving the vehicle. The Facts Mr X was found asleep in his vehicle was initially accused of drink driving following a report from a member of the public. It had been...

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Avoid A Charge Of Driving Without Insurance

Avoid a Charge of Driving Without Insurance

I've lost count of the number of drivers charged with driving without insurance because their policy lapsed without their knowledge. Many of these drivers have simply been caught out when their policy did not automatically renew at the end of the year. Many of these...

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Not Guilty Of Using A Vehicle Without Insurance

Not Guilty of Using a Vehicle Without Insurance

A business owner had his vehicles stopped on two occasions and was accused of having no insurance to cover their use. The Facts At the time the vehicles were stopped, there was a policy of insurance in place, but the insurers said that he had misrepresented his...

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Driver With 28 Points Avoids A Ban

Driver With 28 Points Avoids a Ban

A driver with 9 points already on her licence faced a further 4 speeding offences. The Facts A driver in Nottingham had received numerous Notices of Intended Prosecution for speeding on the same section of road over the course of several months. She had believed the...

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Not Guilty Of Careless Driving And Failing To Stop

Not Guilty of Careless Driving and Failing to Stop

A driver was accused of careless driving, failing to stop and failing to report an accident. It was alleged that he had knocked a cyclist from her bike, which he denied doing. The Facts The prosecution said that Mr X had pulled out from a roundabout into the path of a...

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Not Guilty Of Being Drunk In Charge

Not Guilty of Being Drunk in Charge

Our client was accused of being drunk in charge of his vehicle by police. They had found him in his car while rolling a cigarette. He admitted to drinking, was breathalysed and taken to the police station. The man blew over the legal limit at the police station and...

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