No Penalty Points for Driving Without Insurance

We recently represented a driver who was caught driving without insurance because his policy had not been renewed.

He had difficulties reading and writing and relied on his mother to help him with emails and letters.

No Penalty Points For Driving Without Insurance

When the letter arrived from the insurers informing him of the increase in premiums for the following year, his mother did not read it all. Unfortunately, she did not see the wording which asked the policyholder to take action if they wanted to renew it.

Although the driver could not argue with the fact that he had been driving while uninsured, we could explain the circumstances to the court. This involved a hearing with family members giving evidence.

After hearing all of the evidence, the court agreed that special reasons existed not to endorse his licence. The court accepted that he had relied on a person in a position of authority and that reliance was reasonable. It would be unfair to put points on his licence when he had no way of knowing that the policy had lapsed.

Note: Driving without insurance usually carries 6-8 penalty points or a discretionary disqualification.

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